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I went on a blend fast for two months and dropped 30 pounds.  So many people asking how here it is!  A good basic start:


“Juice”, at any time, is a recipe from Dr. Bernardo, as follows. Juicing is effective because (1) it is super nutrition right to the cells, (2) it contains live enzymes which ordinarily would be used to break down food, but when ingested without the pulp will go directly to the cell. Everything is always organic. Also, ingredients like carrots have anti-fungal properties. 

1 granny smith apple (no other apple will do, others are too high in sugar content) 

1 carrot 

1 lemon 

4 flourettes broccoli 

4 fourettes cauliflower 

••• cucumber 

••• beet 

1 slice ginger 

1 slice pineapple 

1 slice papaya 

1 slice dacon radish 


An in depth behind the scenes interview with Ronnie Smith and Cannabis Hemp Oil curing Cancer. This is footage for iCureCancer.com part II. 

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I'm starting to shoot for my next film on Evolution, ET's and Spirituality and was lucky to get Ernie Northrup from the Hopi Tribe to speak with me. I would be selfish to keep these messages till the film was done and out. So will be putting up teasers while I can to help people now. If you would like to donate to the cause please go to my last films site http://www.icurecancer.com

I'm going back to the Hopi with my cancer curing info. I figure the government screwed them and gave them cancer. Trouble is these people have been deceived like the rest of us and don't know about holistic cures for cancer. Not even the ones they gave us like Blood Root and Essiac Tea. So hope to help out there. Also want to spread their message: click here to explore his message.





We the people reign. Your donations have helped me to start shooting again. This is first tid bit for you. Hope you learn and enjoy. We are still taking donations to fund the rest of this filming and editing process at http://www.icurecancer.com -- I'll keep em coming too.

You want the truth you got the truth! My film subjects daughter gets arm cut off by Western Medicine. I guess the chemo torture wasn't enough! Also Hemp news, parental news etc...

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