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So since I'm not just a bmx riding, martial art mastering, pro-kickboxing champion, actor, film maker and activist. No I'm also... well no that's about it. Oh a lover. Yes I'm a lover too.

Just messing around before we get down to serious business. My intel is telling me we are all going to die anyway some day. Every single person breathing now? No matter who you are... far as history has shown us... all alive right here and right now will be dead in 120 years. Tops. Maybe the odd fucking odd ball but who cares really? We stop getting better at 27. 28 tops. That's our peak. And as a former pro athlete I can tell you... every year since my 27th year my body has weakened a little more. Because I wasn't getting better peak performance. I mean sure you can stay in shape and compete with the best of them but you are never your peak best again after 28 or so. In a 3 D world.

Okay so learning what is 5D... It's not knowing if you are seeing the future or just manifesting your pure heart desires so often it seems like you see the future. Because so many of my manifestations come true... It's amazing. I meditate a lot. I hope you do too.

My recent interview with a close friend added to my intel that we are not only not alone we got tons of friends out there to get to know. And I would start now cause there will only be so many ufo rides. The bad aliens are gone now. Only the good ones are left apparently to help us through the next phase.

Now that we all know... no one gets out alive in 120 years we can all relax and enjoy them. I got at least 40 more myself so keeping up with the yoga, organic food and spiritual journey. Knowing my soul is my signature of Source which is you too. Natives were right. We are one with nature and universe. As above so below. So live large and in charge spiritually. Be a light worker and brighten everyone's day. Works ya know. ;)

I've been collaborating with my friends Lisa Smith and Ken Anderson to put together the final stories for - The Book a lot lately. Almost done. Pdf avail now which has the most important part... Dr. Bernardo's protocol. Best I ever came across in 20 years so far. And when the final version is done you can get the updated final 1st Edition.

Also the world youtube premier of

This is the documentary that started it all. I shot Dr. Bernardo in 2003 and by 2006 was out to the world. Rest is history. Dr. Bernardo and I started the alkaline revolution! He had the brains I had the brawn and neither of us made any money but we are billionaires on the other side. All oncologists today are starving Ethiopian children on the other side. It's so sad. JK. Not for me to judge. ;) Part 2 is about done. Just a few interviews left. And people to slap on camera. Spiritually speaking.

I hope to dive in to Hemp Boxer this winter and it and icc2 wrapped up. Make 2017 best ever. Happy Holidays everyone. Much love and respect.

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