California's Forced Vaccination Sparked Show

Before i get started if you knew what I knew when I knew it you would have done the same as I. The little ones can't fight back. It's up to us to do so. Autism from Vaccines last a life time.

Reminiscing. SB-277 for those that don't know... was the law California's Governor Jerry Brown passed and currently enforces. The forced vaccine law. If you don't want your kid to be vaccinated you have to home school them. You can not send them to school. As I explain to Cain Velasquez below.

Now nobody but a few evolved Californians knew you could or needed to get out of vaccines before this law was even implemented. It actually had a reveres effect on the Draconian's that wrote it. So many more are awake who never would have been had this not happened. In other words we exploded the evolution on this one so our species may even survive. The elite are reducing population with vaccines in case you didn't know.

If you are one of the many that think vaccines are fine they are not. They are to make you customers for life for big pharma. I already knew this because I created iCureCancer which shows cancer is curable if you stay away from your oncologist. Western medicine is Rockefeller medicine who are with the Rothschild's. Need I say more? If I do you need to do some research. Enough said on that.

I made this youtube series for those on the fence. To slowly bring you up to speed with some entertainment along the way. I know grown autistic folks. They will be much harder for you to care for than when they are babies. So I pray this info gets to you in time and also I must say please shun your doctors. Shun your ignorant friends that think vaccines are okay. Let them pay the fiddler now before they kill more babies. Ruin more lives. You tell them to do some research and see the film Vaxxed. Okay maybe not shun them but you know what I mean. Don't be bashful. If someone messes with you over you belief stand your ground. You are of the light and they know not what they do. Fuckers.

For those of you that don't know vaccines are bad? I too once thought they were cool and lined up for them back in 91 when we shot the movie “Kick Boxer III” in Rio de Janeiro Today I would never take any shots no matter where I went. I would take MMS Miracle Mineral Solution with me for malaria or any other pathogens. But would never let big pharma mafia substances in my body.

I never bragged about this Expert Weapon 2.0 series enough. A couple months I was traipsing back and forth from Tijuana Mexico cancer clinics and California's head of state Sacramento and Javier Mendez's San Jose, CA - AKA – American Kickboxing Academy where UFC legends like Heavy Weight Cain Velsaquez, Light Heavy Daniel Cormier and middle weight Luke Rockhold all train. And Sandy White was training me for battling the bastards on capitol hill!!

In lesser words than the book I could write about it... Javier Mendez and I fought 2 pro kickboxing fights in the early 90's so he welcomed my visit. After our last fight I went on to Hollywood as and actor / film maker and he went on to be the trainer of some of the greatest fighters the mixed martial art world has ever seen. And for those that are not fans the UFC is huge now. Big as boxing. And I knew it was the best way to reach as many parents as possible for me personally thanks to being a former champ myself. Since I can't fight in the ring or cage anymore I do so with my camera. And thanks to Jav's AKA we just fought the good fight and won it.


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